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Testimonials - Elizabeth McKinstry VMD

"Dr. McKinstry is so compassionate and genuinely cares about your pet! We had a cat on his death bed, but with doc’s combo of acupuncture and Chinese herbs she was able to bring our cat back to health! She’s also helped my Rottie when he tore his ACL and when he had a pinched nerve in his neck. I’m so glad I found Dr. McKinstry. Thank you for taking care of my babies!"

- Carly DiBartolomeo


"Elizabeth treated my horse with acupuncture. She was very attentive, knowledgable and extremely thorough. I even got a call from her a few days later to provide additional information on something we discussed. She truly cares about the animal and their wellbeing. I highly recommend her!"

- Erin Beattie

"Wonderful veterinarian. Paddy Loved her."

- Séamus Costello

"This Dr saved our dog's life when 4 other Vets had said he had 6 mos to live. She used Eastern methods and his blood work is now perfect and he is fine. 6 mos have long passed."

- Valerie Parry

"Dr. McKinstry has cared for my cats for many years. She is kind, caring, has excellent diagnostic and treatment skills, and has kept my crew healthy and well."

- Betty Seymour

"I cannot say enough about Dr. McKinstry. Her service and expertise is beyond anyone's expectations besides her experinece in providing the very best for your animal. Our cats have been in her care for at least 20 years and cannot imagine going to any other Veterinarian.
I highly recommend !"

- Jamie DiEmidio


"If you need a vet with a vast knowledge of non traditional herbal/acupuncture treatment for your furry friend, there's likely no one better in the area. She's personable, knowledgeable, and compassionate with your pet's best interest at heart."

- Sarah Rosenthal


"Dr Mckinstry helped my cat recover from urinary stones. She helped me find a good diet for her, the stones went away and she lost weight. She now is a happy slim shiny cat ! I recommend her to anyone who wishes for a holistic approach to help your animal.!"

- Valerie Hunter

"Fantastic veterinarian. I'm so grateful to have found her. My dog loves her and is doing so much better under her care."

- Mindy Rogers

"Dr. Mckinstry is Amazing!! She has helped my dog so much!! So very grateful for her😊"

- Kim Hall

"An excellent practioner of both western and eastern techniques, Dr. McKinstry has helped my ageing, creaky dog with both herbs and acupuncture. I'm very glad we found her!"

- Kathleen Gordon

"Dr. McKinstry is a brilliant and skilled veterinarian, who practices medicine in its purest and most patient-centered format. Her farm is peaceful and inviting. She is an intuitive, empathic, attentive doctor who offers treatments and personalized care that won't be available at a mainstream vet."

- Johanna Farra

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