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Integrative Medicine

What is integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is a healing-oriented form of medical care that combines different approaches to create a more holistic treatment that aims to best serve the patient.

How does your veterinary practice use integrative medicine?

Doctor McKinstry uses multiple types of veterinary medicine and healing simultaneously to provide a truly comprehensive treatment plan for her patients.  She frequently and affordably combines techniques like acupuncture, herbs, food therapy, diet and lifestyle advice, essential oils, and conventional medicine into one holistic treatment plan.

Dr. Mckinstry practices integrative veterinary medicine that incorporates many types of eastern and western healing.
How well does integrative medicine work in your experience?

Dr. McKinstry has found that this integrative approach to veterinary medicine works very well for many of her patients, and most animals seem to like her treatments as well.  Clients commonly says how excited their pets are to come here as they actually like coming to this vet!

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